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As communication technologies and forms of information exchange progress, digital threats also increase. With a firewall system, you can control communications allowed in your organization, denying the rest, even those that are not initially planned. A firewall will also allow you to obtain statistics and access reports with valuable information (pages accessed, consumptions, access origin etc.).

A firewall is a hardware or software element used in a computer network to control communications, allowing or prohibiting them according to the policy defined by the organization responsible for the network.

Mobile Computer Repair Services

The usual location of a firewall is the point of connection of the internal network of the organization with the external network, which is usually the Internet. In this way, internal systems are protected from unauthorized access attempts from the Internet, which can take advantage of vulnerabilities.

Mobile Computer Repair Services

It is also common to connect to the firewall a third network, called demilitarized zone (or DMZ), in which the servers of the organization are located, which must be accessible from the outside network.The firewall systems installed include other services such as proxy, antivirus, load balancing, communications backup, VPN etc.

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