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laptop motherboard repair
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Are you looking for laptop motherboard repair service in Agoura Hills CA?

A motherboard is simply the fundamental printed circuit board. Which can be found in computers and other mechanical frameworks? It also has other terms names such as the main board. And also the framework board, planning board, and national board. This board controls all parts of your personal computer or laptop. Of the greater part of the equipment that is housed in your laptop. The motherboard is, for the most part, the most costly piece, and furthermore the most delicate. So, laptop motherboard repair service is too much important to save your money. Moreover, it is responsible for your computer. The motherboard additionally contains crucial information (BIOS) that keeps your computer running easily.

Now the burning question is when will you know that your motherboard is not working properly? Well, there are some symptoms such as,

***Laptop won’t boot.

***Boot screen shows blue screen errors.

***Laptop freezes too often.

***Hardware stops working.

***Sound, as well as the laptop screen, is not working.

***Associated gadgets neglect to work.

***USB slots not working.

***Microphone port not working

Mobile Computer Repair Services

If these things happen you can be certain that your motherboard has a defect. And the first thing most people do is rush to a repair shop. And most of the repair shops will change your entire motherboard straight away. But in “Mobile Computer Repair”, we do things a little differently. We diagnose your laptop and the motherboard inside it thoroughly to find out the exact defect. Which hardware is causing the disturbance. Then we change that exact hardware, not the whole motherboard. And you will be surprised by how cost-effective that is. Spare parts of a motherboard cost something from 5 to 50 dollars. But a whole motherboard will cost you more than 250 dollars.

Why Chose us for laptop motherboard repair service?

You will find no option better than us in the United States. When it’s about laptop repair service, mobile repair service, and replacement services. “Mobile Computer Repair” is one of the leading and trusted PC and Laptop repair service providers. We provide a lot of services that ensure the simple working of your laptop’s motherboard.

Our price is unquestionably cost effective because we use professionals to diagnose your hardware. So we can save you unnecessary component charges. We provide thoroughly secure repair and analytic service to entrepreneurs and home clients. “Mobile Computer Repair” completes repairs for all makes/models of laptops.

Including Gateway, You can contact us for any problem with your MacBook. We have advanced technology and specialists. It’s our responsibility to provide maximum service at the lowest cost.

Including Gateway, You can contact us for any problem with your MacBook. We have advanced technology and specialists. It’s our responsibility to provide maximum service at the lowest cost. Sony, IBM, Dell, Alienware, Apple, Asus, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Packard Bell. Also, there are Siemens, Compaq, Gateway, NEC, Acer, Toshiba, and Lenovo. We assured you that you can expect an exceptional workforce and fast culmination of all work. And also the auspicious return of the framework and reasonable estimating. At your command, we also provide genuine laptop accessories and components. And replace your hardware. Still in-house/office repairs, “Mobile Computer Repair” will supply quick goals for any sort of laptop or PC issue. In your home/office, whenever it might suit you.

Simply put a repair request with us; “Mobile Computer Repair” will make out the issue and repair it. After you reach out to us we will immediately sanction some of our motherboard repair engineers to look upon your problems. “Mobile Computer Repair” promises you that they will achieve amazing outcomes.

We perform some tasks to determine is it really your motherboard or something else.

** Track Check

Maybe your screen isn’t controlled on? We make a point to watch that your video link is appropriately associated. And that any free associations are not happening through unplugging and connecting the link back to.

**Graphic Hardware check

There are chances that a realistic card is associated with your motherboard. First, we take it out and connect to your screen’s video link into the motherboard. And after that, we restart the gadget. If we found that your laptop boots up without any issues then it’s your realistic card which needs repair.

** Internal Hardware Check

There might be extra equipment introduced into your laptop. To work reasonably, a motherboard just requires the accompanying. The RAM, Processor, Fan, and SPMS. We attempt to evacuate the extra equipment to test if the issue. Once evacuated, we turn on your laptop and check whether it boots ordinarily. In the event that it does, that means there is an issue with one of your inside equipment frameworks. Then we test each part to see which one should be repaired or supplanted.


I know it is really hard to trust any repair shop. Cause of everyone will try to convince you in the same manner. But at least we will show our work to you before anything happens. Take a tour for our specialty and services. So yeah, you can trust us. “Mobile Computer Repair” ‘s main goal is to provide a perfect solution to your problem. We don’t throw the whole problem in the dustbin. Now the choice is yours.