Repair Services

Mobile Computer Repair Services

We provide world class repair services including all kinds of Desktop, Laptop, MacBook and Mobile repair.

Our repair services include the following –

  • Laptop LCD/LED Screen Repair.

  • Motherboard Repair.

  • Laptop Keyboard Replacement.

  • Replacing the Laptop’s Charging Port.

  • Repair/Replacement of Laptop Fan.

  • MacBook Water Damage Repair.

  • MacBook Air Repair.

  • Mac Hard Drive Replacement.

  • MacBook Battery Replacement.

  • iMac Repair.

  • MacBook Keyboard Replacement.

  • Mac Screen Replacement.

  • Network cabling.

  • Configuring/Re-configuring Routers.

  • Firewall Configure.

  • Printers and all other Accessories Repair.

  • All Mobile Phone Hardware repairing including the Installation of Latest Firmware.