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Servers Services

The set of systems, languages or technologies that are commonly used together, in the development of web applications, differentiates one web servers from another. There are lots of servers services available. The most common Internet infrastructure system uses the tools known by the acronym LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). Some of the services that can be included in lodging are: File transfer system via web. Access to files via FTP. Creation of databases, MySQL is the most popular open source database in the [...]

Emailing and the new trends in digital marketing

The way in which information is shared on the internet has changed radically and the rapid evolution of new technologies has transformed the way of doing business in the digital market.  Online marketing now needs more than ever to adapt to new tools to keep pace with new trends. In this Blog, we are talking about the new trend in digital marketing. Some of the digital marketing trends that have come to stay are: Mobile optimization Mobiles are changing users’ purchasing habits and [...]

Antivirus Working Process

Do you know about antivirus working process? An antivirus is a security application that is installed on a computer or mobile device to protect it from malware attacks. The term “malware” refers to any type of malicious software that is designed to integrate or harm a computer or information system without the approval of its owner. This type of software includes: Virus Its function is to alter the normal functioning of the computer, without the permission or knowledge of the user. Usually, they [...]

Advantages of having ERP business management software

The ERP business management software frees time from the personnel in charge of business analysis since it saves them from devoting effort to combine the different information arriving from different sources. It can be said without fear of being wrong that an ERP allows to make better decisions in less time. Greater productivity and competitiveness Even today it is relatively easy to find companies that, despite having a long journey, have become accustomed to living with a multitude of management problems: [...]